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About Us

Registered Public Accountant Haryono, Junianto & Asmoro

(formerly Haryono, Junianto & Saptoamal) was established in 2003 with notarial deed of Drs. Andy Alhadis Agus, SH in Jakarta No.32 dated February 21, 2003 regarding the establishment of the partnership under the name of Public Accountant Firm Haryono, Junianto & Saptoamal.
The partners based on theotarial
deed are Mr. Jacob Haryono, CPA, Mr. Stephanus Junianto, CPA and Mr. Saptoamal Damandari, CPA

Our Business & Financial

Consulting Services


  • Financial Report Audit Services
  • Special Audit
  • Management Audit Services
  • Compliance Audit
  • Financial Statement Review


  • Financial Due Diliegence
  • Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Accounting Service
  • Tax Services
  • Etc


  • Designing and implementing of accounting systems
  • Preparation of Financial Proposals and Feasibility Studies
  • Preparing Corporate Plans

We Are Specialist For

Many Financial Cases

Financial Report Audit Services

This service is widely used by companies that require accountants’ opinions regarding fairness of financial statement presentation for various company needs.
In providing this service, we will always follow generally accepted accounting principles, including Financial Accounting Standard (SAK) issued by the Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI) as well other accounting standards or practices that apply as long as they are not regulated in Indonesian GAAP

Special Audit

Besides financial statement audit services, we also provide special audit services according to company needs for certain purposes. Special audits can be in the form of an audit of one or several accounts in the financial statements, special investigations for particular situation, which carried out using mutually agreed upon procedures.

In the implementation of special audit services, we are still guided by the auditing standards contained in the Professional Standards of Public Accountants (SPAP)

Financial Due Diligence

Financial due diligence (FDD) usually needed by investor before entering into financial aggreement with another party (target company) like mergers or acquisitions. FDD focuses on providing investor with an understanding concerning financial circumstances and various other related.
The steps of FDD usually include document review, discussion and interview with personnel from different level of the target company’s, comparing historical financial data and future trend analysis together with key.

Our Clients

Why Client Choose Us ?

From our early days, we’ve been providing reliable service to our clients. We’ve had the honor being the firm of choice of the following corporations:

Private Company

State/Regional State Owned Company

National / Regional General Election Commission

Let’s Work Together

Mailing Address
Rukan Sentra Pemuda Kav. 18
Jl. Pemuda No. 61. Rawamangun
Jakarta Timur – 13220

Meet Our Team

The Expertise

Jacob Haryono, CPA

(Managing Partner)

Public Accountant License: 460/KM.1/2021 AP.0283

Stephanus Junianto, CPA


Public Accountant License: 1226/KM.1/2021 AP.0543

Nirsihing Asmoro, CPA


Public Accountant License: 508/KM.1/2019 AP.1113

Syaiful Anwar, CPA


Public Accountant License: 1187/KM.1/2021 AP.1310